You are more than welcome to come along for a few training sessions before you decide whether to join.  Please bring proof of identity (you may be asked to complete a form too).

If you would like to find out more about our club, please feel free to contact the following:

Senior Ladies - contact Ann-Marie McGilvray

Senior Men - contact  Nick Barton

Juniors - contact Janet Proctor

The contact details for Ann-Marie, Nick and Janet are on the
contacts page 

All ages and abilities are welcome.  Please feel free to call in at training for a chat one Tuesday or Thursday evening after 8 p.m.



The annual membership fees currently consist of 1) + 2) below.  
Membership fees are due each April (i.e. if you join or renew part later than April you get less than 12 months in your first year) :

1) an 10 England Athletics fee per person (excluding Juniors under the age of 11 and Social members where no England Athletics fee applies).  

2) A club fee as follows:

Junior - 7.00
Adult - 15.00
2 Adults - 25.00
1 Adult + Child(ren) - 20.00
2 Adults + Child(ren) - 25.00
Social Membership (parent, official, volunteer) -  5-00 only (no 10 England Athletics fee)
1 active adult member costs 10+15 = 25
1 active adult + 1 U11 Junior costs 10+15+7 = 32
1 active adult + 1 Junior aged 11 or over costs 10+10+15+7 = 42
1 social member + 1 Junior aged 11 or over costs 5+10+7 = 22
Please not that weekly subs are also payable if you attend training sessions.

To join Rochdale Harriers & A.C. or to renew your membership please download the Membership Application Form, complete it and hand it to Colin Robinson, Membership Secretary, one Tuesday or Thursday training evening.

Membership Application Form (.PDF