Harriers do Relay Well 

at the Terry Nortley Relay Race 

The winning men's and ladies teams at the Terry Nortley 4 x 2 mile relay race

6th May 2013


Congratulations to all Harriers who competed today, 
the performances were terrific bar none.  We:

- had a great time

- won the race overall with an average pace of 5'32'' per mile

- also took 3rd place with an average of 5'54'' pace

- won the ladies race with an average of 6'34'' pace

- I think we also won the supervets prize


Race Pictures thanks to John Mayall


Write up by Nick Barton:

TWENTY ROCHDALE HARRIERS enjoyed fine weather and fine performances on a visit to Radcliffe’s Close Park to take part in the inaugural Terry Nortley Relay, a four person team relay run in memory of the former President of Radcliffe Harriers and friend of many in the local running community, who died in late 2011 at the age of 82.

A total of thirty-seven teams from the youngest of juniors to a number of teams of super vets, where all of the team members were over sixty. Despite the relaxed family atmosphere there was some serious racing to be done with a number of clubs entering very fast teams.

With each two mile leg of the relay consisting of two laps of the park, there was plenty of opportunity for supporters to watch the race develop. After one lap, three runners had taken a clear lead, Rochdale’s Derek Simpson and Jack Walsh battling with Middleton Harrier’s Mike Flatley, at the change-over Simpson had built a small lead over Flatley, who in turn had put some distance between himself and seventeen year old Walsh who was holding off fast finishing runners from Burnden and Bolton Tri Club.

Rochdale’s Hazel Carruthers matched the performance of her boyfriend and put the ladies team in first place at the end of the first leg, with the fastest time recorded by a lady on the day. The Rochdale veterans team lead off man, John Purdy, battled with Rochdale’s super vets lead off man, Andy O’Sullivan. Andy who organises many more races than he runs, managed to overtake the younger man on the second lap and hand over in the lead.

The second leg saw Ian Roberts further extending the lead of the Rochdale ‘A’ team over Middleton, despite a solid run from Jeff McCarthy, Rochdale ‘B’ lost a little ground and was overtaken by a strong Bolton Tri Club performance. Jenny Brown ran strongly to hold on to a narrow lead over Burnden ladies. In the battle between Rochdale’s vets and super vets, Ian Stainthorpe overturned a small deficit to Billy Knox to return the lead to the younger team.

Young Phil Bennett’s fast legs were first to start off the third leg, building an even greater lead for Rochdale. Nick Barton took the baton for Rochdale ‘B’ in fourth place, full of a cold he wasn’t running his best and lost a place to Burnden, but finished with both third and fourth place runners in sight. Josefa Terim maintained the Rochdale ladies pole position and vet Kristian Robinson continued his recent good form with a fast run that elevated the team a number of places. Late replacement for the super vets, Gordon Parr, put in performance that belied his lack of recent racing to consolidate the team position.

Bar disaster, the title belonged to Rochdale Harriers, but to make sure, the baton was handed over to club captain, David Proctor, who completed the two laps in exactly ten minutes, the quickest run of the day, giving Rochdale Harriers ‘A’ a margin of victory of over three minutes over Middleton Harriers. In a storming last leg, Chris Merchant overhauled the runners from Burnden and Bolton Tri Club to secure third place for Rochdale Harriers ‘B’.

Brian Moore used some hard earned track speed to overtake a number of teams, including the battling leading ladies from Rochdale and Burnden, to secure ninth place for the vets team, and third place in the very strong vets category. Rochdale’s last leg runner in the ladies team was Jan Needham, one of the top FV60 runners in Britain, she had enough quality to hold off a strong challenge from Burnden to secure the ladies title for the Harriers. The last super vets leg was run by Brenda Robinson, bringing the team home to secure the mixed super vets title. The event was particularly important to Brenda, because as well as Terry Nortley being a long-time friend of Brenda and her husband Colin, he had coached her to great success as a young athlete.

The event, which was organised by VLA Events with the support of Radcliffe Harriers and the Friends of Close Park raised several hundred pounds for the MS Society.

Rochdale Harriers Team Performances

1st – Rochdale Harriers ‘A’ (Derek Simpson, Ian Roberts, Phil Bennett U23, David Proctor) 43:01, 3rd – Rochdale Harriers ‘B’ (Jack Walsh U18, Jeff McCarthy V40, Nick Barton, Chris Merchant) 47:20, 9th – Rochdale Harriers Vets (John Purdy V50, Ian Stainthorpe V50, Kristian Robinson V40, Brian Moore V45) 51:55, 11th (1st Ladies) – (Hazel Carruthers, Jenny Brown, Josefa Terim FV40, Jan Needham FV60) 52:31, 30th (1st Mixed Super Vets) – (Andy O’Sullivan V60, Billy Knox V60, Gordon Parr V60, Brenda Robinson (V65) 1:04:58.

Full race results


Pos Team time 
(8 miles)
Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 1+2
1 Dave Proctor Male Rochdale Harriers A 00:43:01 00:05:06 00:04:54 00:10:00
1 Derek Simpson Male Rochdale Harriers A 00:43:01 00:05:03 00:05:31 00:10:34
1 Ian Roberts Male Rochdale Harriers A 00:43:01 00:05:11 00:05:54 00:11:05
1 Phillip Bennett Male Rochdale Harriers A 00:43:01 00:05:16 00:06:03 00:11:20
3 Chris Merchant Male Rochdale Harriers B 00:47:20 00:05:28 00:05:40 00:11:08
3 Jack Walsh Male Rochdale Harriers B 00:47:20 00:05:06 00:06:15 00:11:22
3 Nick Barton Male Rochdale Harriers B 00:47:20 00:05:53 00:06:31 00:12:24
3 Jeff McCarthy Male Rochdale Harriers B 00:47:20 00:05:57 00:06:26 00:12:24
9 Ian Stainthorpe Male Vet Rochdale (not so super vet) Harriers 00:51:55 00:05:49 00:06:03 00:11:53
9 Brian Moore Male Vet Rochdale (not so super vet) Harriers 00:51:55 00:05:58 00:06:20 00:12:19
9 Kristian Robinson Male Vet Rochdale (not so super vet) Harriers 00:51:55 00:06:00 00:06:30 00:12:30
9 John Purdy Male Vet Rochdale (not so super vet) Harriers 00:51:55 00:07:18 00:07:53 00:15:12
11 Hazel Carruthers Female Rochdale Harriers Ladies 00:52:31 00:05:55 00:06:28 00:12:24
11 Jenny Brown Female Rochdale Harriers Ladies 00:52:31 00:06:07 00:06:47 00:12:54
11 Jan Needham Female Rochdale Harriers Ladies 00:52:31 00:06:43 00:06:49 00:13:33
11 Josefa Terim Female Rochdale Harriers Ladies 00:52:31 00:06:39 00:07:00 00:13:40
30 Andy O'Sullivan Mixed Super Vet Rochdale Harriers Super Vet 01:04:58 00:07:28 00:07:29 00:14:58
30 Bill Knox Mixed Super Vet Rochdale Harriers Super Vet 01:04:58 00:07:21 00:08:11 00:15:33
30 Gordon Parr Mixed Super Vet Rochdale Harriers Super Vet 01:04:58 00:07:48 00:07:53 00:15:41
30 Brenda Robinson Mixed Super Vet Rochdale Harriers Super Vet 01:04:58 00:09:06 00:09:38 00:18:45


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